Tuesday, January 17, 2006

TheSubReport.com Daily News Roundup 1-18-06

Underway On Nuclear Power -- The real story behind the message.

Flashback: 50th Anniversary of USS Nautilus' First Underway

Norfolk-based Submarines Selected for 2005 Battle ā€œEā€ Awards

Good and Bad News for UK Submarine Industry:

Russia to buy British robot rescue sub

Jobs go at Rolls-Royce submarine

Background: Rolls-Royce Submarine Division

Undercover troops face added danger as special sub is scrapped

surfin' the bubblehead blogosphere

Sub-Themed TV Episode Tonight

They're talking about the SSBN ICBMs here: U.S. May Arm Subs With Conventional Warheads for Quicker Strike

USS Columbus CO selected for Asian American Engineer Award

Ship of the Day: PCU Hawaii (SSN 776)

Flashback: USS Hawaii Is Named


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