Friday, January 27, 2006

Stranded German Sub Freed

It's a little hard to tell because Babel Fish translates things literally and, oftentimes, oddly. I'm looking for a German-speaker to help me out.

That all said, it appears that the U-15 is free.

Here's the latest, via the Rheinische Post (Babel Fish translation, and my emphasis):
Stranded submarine again freely
publishes: 27.01.06 - 11:37 notice Luck castle (rpo).

During a measurement travel a German submarine in the Eckernfoerder bay stranded. Meanwhile the "U15" was not free-free, of the 22-Mann-Besatzung anybody was hurt.

The action in the Baltic Sea took six hours, until the submarine was again drivingsuited. After first realizations the boat was not damaged. Divers examined the Havaristen in the Friday morning however still.

That emerged driving submarine had run before Aschau with dawn of about 150 meters far away from the Baltic Sea bank due to. The cause for the accident is still perfectly unclear. It determined, whether it concerns human failure or a technical defect, said the naval speaker.

According to data of the navy it concerns a submarine of older design. It is therefore about 50 meters long and has a displacement of 500 tons. The "U15" had returned in December from a six month's anti-terror employment in the Mediterranean to Eckernfoerde.
Here's my decidedly non-expert analysis: It sounds like they dragged the boat to a point where it was able to continue under its own power again. If anyone can read German, please look at the original article and let me know if I'm correct.

Update: Eric at The Sub Report came through with a German-speaker: his dad.

He adds...
Looks like the translation is pretty close accoriding to my father.
He says the boat was stranded or grounded not sunk.
The boat was only 150 meters from the shoreline.
Article also says it was not clear if it was a human error or techinical defect.
After 6 hours of being grounded Friday morning it was freed and underway.
Great news for everyone involved.

Update II: Thanks also to reader Stacy McMahon, who provided a full translation of the article in the comments section.

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At 8:53 AM, Blogger Stacy McMahon said...

You're right. The boat was stuck for six hours, nobody hurt (except in the ego). Here's my translation. I am not a native German speaker but I can add value to the babelfish results:

"A German submarine on a training exercise ran aground in the Eckernfoerd Bay. None of the 22-man crew were injured as the U-15 waited to be freed. The incident, in the Baltic Sea, lasted six hours until the submarine was refloated.

An initial inspection indicated the boat was undamaged. However, divers performed a standard inspection [literally, "examined the averages"] Friday morning.

The surfaced and moving submarine was near Aschau at dawn, about 150 meters from the shore of the Baltic Sea. The cause of the accident is still unknown. A Navy spokesman said it will be investigated to determine whether human error or a technical defect was involved.

The Navy said a submarine of an older design was involved. It is about 50 meters long and displaces 500 tons. The U-15 returned to Eckenfeord Bay in December from a six month anti-terrorist deployment in the Mediterranean."

At 9:34 AM, Blogger Alex Nunez said...

That's great, Stacy. Thanks so much for the translation!

At 10:06 AM, Blogger esryle said...

Great Job! and Follow up on this Story Alex.




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