Thursday, May 18, 2006

Why they were called "Pig Boats".. a nostalgic looksee....

Well Sir...had the opportunity this day to tawk with an old shipmate from back in the 60' know how it topic leads to anuther. After we got done reminiscin bout some of our adventure's and lie'n t'each other bout how many times we used to get laid on liberty.....a ton of old memories came back so I decided to do a little piece about the "Guppy's"...y'all know...Fleet Boats. Did some lookin around on the web and found some good pix t'go with the

If'n y'all have a mind to.....old bubblheads, nukies or new.....take a swing over t'the Cookshack and have a good read bout the old days......Cookie.....


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