Wednesday, July 27, 2005

General Turner Tours Subase New London

BRAC commissioner Brigadier General Sue Ellen Turner, USAF (Ret.) toured the subase yesterday. No piece on the visit has been posted at The Day yet as I write this, but you can bet they'll have excellent coverage as usual.

In the meantime, check out the video package on the visit that aired last night on WTNH, a local UPN affiliate. No direct link to the video is available, but you should find it on the list of video segments listed on the homepage.

Interesting little piece. Markowicz was at a roadside support rally organized around the visit and had some good comments. He is encouraged by the fact that five of the nine commissioners have now visited the base.

The reporter also noted that Turner's visit ran longer than originally scheduled. This too, could possibly be seen as a positive sign.

I'm sure that The Day will have much, much more on the visit later this morning.

Update: Here's the New London Day's coverage.


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