Saturday, July 30, 2005

Submarine Souvenirs, 'Liberated' Artifacts and Sea Stories

How long has it been since you took a look at some of those old items you mave have saved since you or your even grandpa was a kid? Most likely many are gone now, right? Have you seen the vintage kid's lunchbox from the 60's, or perhaps a 70's vintage desk model SUB RESCUE VEHICLE (sold for $307)?

For model collectors you could buy a submarine to assemble yourself, or this one that features a realistic, table-top display. (Note: Always be VERY careful before buying anything on line, look at seller's feedback score, and read thoroughly. I have no auctions at eBay and know none of the sellers in these examples, which I believe have/will expire soon, anyway.).

An old chief, who had his stuff together, liked to talk about stuff getting "liberated". He had many sea stories to back that up, and some of the more shocking ones involved brig time!


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