Thursday, August 04, 2005

Sub-Launched UAV

Crossposted from Unconsidered Trifles: My old boat, the USS Albany (SSN 753) is in the news:
The first-ever launch of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle from a surfaced submarine July 20 was a great success, proving the expanded utility of a technology already being used by United States Marines in Iraq.
The only downside is that the boat's stupid motto "Still Making History" will now be reinforced. This was the motto that the sponsor, Mrs. Kissinger, reportedly came up with. It replaced a damn fine motto that the plankowners had come up with: "Best of a new breed", referring to Albany's status as a 688-I (or "Improved Los Angeles Class" attack sub).

And oddly enough, a friend from my nuke school days is now their XO:

Despite its small size, the UAV has the potential to radically expand the role of the submarine force in the Global War on Terrorism, according to Lt. Cmdr. Rob Jezek ,USS Albany (SSN 753) executive officer.

''It is exciting to be a part of this launch,'' said Jezek. ''This technology extends the submarine's reach. We already pride ourselves on being stealthy and the Advanced Tactical Recce within the UAV adds to our range of senses. It has many implications, including the ability to gather intelligence, and perform advanced reconnaissance for Special Operations Forces insertion.''

Anybody know how I can find the boat's phone number and call him?


At 10:00 AM, Blogger Vigilis said...

WillyShake, there is irony to the newer Albany motto. Launching from a surfaced submarine (solar sail excepted for launch economy) is PR, not historical precedent. If it takes a surfaced nuke to position and launch something, a large enough Basranian garbage scow could theoretically do it, too. What needs to be added, is that the event suggests surfacing appears to be necessary for later recovery of these very important, sub-launched sensors (not for its data, for reuse). That may be discretionary. Interesting report, and thought provoking.

At 10:26 AM, Blogger jeff said...

Now that would be sweet... a UAV that you could shoot out a torpedo tube like a Harpoon or one of the VLS Tomahawk tubes...

Better yet, have it able to parachute or somehow land on the water and return for future reuse.

Or, even more radical, something you could put in the 'lock, that would swim out when you flooded it, surface, fly off, land, and then return to the lock.

Can the outer door be controlled remotely?

At 4:25 AM, Blogger WillyShake said...

Vigilis, I'm chagrined about the fact that they were surfaced too. Not sure what you mean by "not historical precedent" though--read the part which says "first-ever..." ;)


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