Sunday, March 26, 2006

Intrinsic Value of Submarine Cachet

Some things are rare and for that reason will command precious value and appreciation not comprehensible by their generic description alone.

Case in point, the helmet shown at left was recently featured on Ebay's auction site here at an opening bid around $50. It was described as a SUBMARINE CAPTAIN'S M-1 helmet from a New London Connecticut basement. After 46 bids, it went for a mere $2,202.51. It makes a swell, if pricey, accessory for the long-haired dude modeling it.

On the right is another Navy issue M-1 helmet from Ebay in better condition, but without submarine cachet. It is still selling for $49.95, (no bids at this writing). The DOD may not get it yet, but the put-your-money-where-your-mouth-is public seems to understand fully.

If one begins to appreciate the symbolism civilians place on inanimate objects, one might try to imagine the dependence submariners must place upon each other when all is at risk. Yet, this pales still beside their reverance for their number still on eternal patrol.


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