Wednesday, March 22, 2006

UPDATE: Submarine Pennant ID Challenge WINNER is MT1(SS)

The Winner is MT1(SS); Congratulations! You are again one of Molten Eagle's Honorary Naval Historians for 2006**, joining RM1(SS) (ret) ; and Submandave, winner of 2005's contest .

Your correct answers: Submarine Operating in Area. You can also read about it at the link he gave HERE. The 'flag' was almost certainly made of metal.

Vintage photos show that the flag was removed when subs moored in port and is a nonflexible material.

This three-part challenge originally appeared as a slightly easier, two-part challenge over at Molten Eagle here .

Degree of Difficulty (scale 0-5): 4
Explanation of scale (answer in): BJM = 0; your branch library = 1; Bubblehead's memory = 2; Chapomatic's extended library = 3; Eagle Speak's virtual (online) library = 4; only the National Archives = 5)

Here is an enlarged (old and blurry, sorry) photo of the mystery pennant displayed by the H-2 in NY harbor. U.S. submarines (on both coasts) flew this starting before WW1. Now, there are unfortunately no WW1 era sailors around to ask, but some UQNM readers have proven excellent naval historians.

Here is the challenge:

1- What was this pennant/flag called?

2- Of what material was it made?

3- How did you verify your first two answers?

Will confirm correct answer Saturday. First individual with correct answers for all 3 parts becomes an Honorary Naval Historian - Submarines. Good luck.
Rules: No prize is involved; no certificate will be issued, but your name will be added to a short list of previous winners for everyone to see right here. Not open to employees of NARA or their dependents. If your spouse is a librarian, you have to tell us only if you cheated. If you are an ex-nuke and would rather have REMs than recognition, please contact Bubblehead or Geezer Nuke for an ionizing consolation prize. If you use a pen name to blog, that is what gets published. No cartoon faces or unfamiliar aliases. There are many more rules, but frankly this is not that big a contest. There are no restrictions on orientation, etc. Matter of fact, if you know some orientations besides submarine eating disorders, have a ball. Al-Qaeda members must provide working telephone numbers with their answers. If you ever resided in KY, WY or WV this is much easier than winning the lottery. If no one enters an answer, Pig Boat Sailor wins by default. Please do not ask for more time, it would really be embarrassing for Skippysan to win a submarine contest (his shoes are brown).


At 5:34 AM, Blogger MT1(SS) said...

It could potentially be the Submarine Operating in Area (or 'Sub in Area' or 'Black Fish ASR Logo') flag.

This flag was used at the turn of the century as a submarine rescue insignia, which you can read about HERE. You'll note that, according to this information, the emblem is still the international symbol for submarine rescue.

If this is the case, then the 'flag' was most likely made out of metal (which makes sense since the image looks more like a non-waving placard rather than a pennant. In the case of the Black Fish ASR Logo, it was normally painted on the side of the ASR vessel rather than flown as a flag or pennant.

Sources linked in the above paragraphs and in subsequent links from those pages.


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