Monday, September 11, 2006

Fast Attacks on "The Path To 911"

Well, if you avoided PART I of the spectacle last night to sleep or watch football, you missed the two U.S. submarines with their Tomahawks parked in the Arabian Sea. Under orders from President Clinton, these awaited coordinates to Bin Laden's position.

A 3-second video of two submerged SSNs flashed on the screen as a narrator spoke:

"Each time their missiles spun up, the orders were cancelled by [CIA Director] Tenet, because he doubted the intelligence source and feared collateral damage."

Critics of ABC's production argue that is an inaccurate dramatization, which ABC does not deny.

So, were there really two submarines on station at the same time under Clinton's orders? Sounds like 100% overkill to me. Fact or fiction?


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