Thursday, February 02, 2006

another sea story

ever had something happen that caused your heart to lurch? that's a klog. like taking a little unauthorized time off, and bumping into the master chief. or writing a hot and steamy love letter to your girlfriend, and a get well card to your grandmother, posting them, and then finding out later that the letter to your sweetie got stuffed into the card envelope you sent to your grandma. and your girlfriend is wondering why she gets a get well card. that sort of thing.

a snippet from the post over at my blog:
here we are, steaming along at a steady 2/3 bell, waiting for the ORSE members to come aft to start drills.
i was a second class petty officer (that's an E-5 to you non navy military types) standing Engineroom Supervisor, responsible for all the mechanical watchstations, answering to the Engineering Watch Supervisor and the Engineering Officer of the Watch.
cut to Maneuvering. the sound powered phone growled, and the throttleman picked up the phone "Maneuvering" "mumble mumble" "Station calling Maneuvering, say again" "mumble mumbe"
about this time i see the drill monitors walking aft through the reactor compartment upper level, heading my way.

read the rest over there.
i know that the old seawolf wasn't the only submarine in the fleet to have something like that happen. it was a first for us, and a first for the ORSE team, but with as many submarines, and as many ORSE boards during the history of nuke submarining, i'm sure it has happened elsewhere.
anyone else with a klong story?


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