Monday, February 06, 2006

Sub Launched Anti-Aircraft System

Looks like the submarine force could eventually get another capability that has long been missing, an anti-aircraft missile system UPI - Security & Terrorism - Sub anti-aircraft missile passed test.

News also available on the NAVSEA Newswire, 5 Jan 06 AIM-9X Land Launch Demo Advances Sub Payload Capability

WASHINGTON - The Navy successfully conducted a research and development (R&D) land based test at an Army range in New Mexico, leveraging the Sidewinder AIM-9X missile, an air to air missile used on tactical fighter aircraft, to proof out critical missile adaptation features for submarine use.

The Sidewinder missile has been around for decades with earlier variants as primarily an air to air weapon.

Perhaps this test didn't work out so well and it needed to be scaled back some.


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